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Email Marketing

Stay in touch with your existing client database and potential new clients with automated responses from your website, ongoing monthly news letters and promotional offers.

Its a known fact that selling to an existing client is easier than trying to acquire a new potential client.

If you need assistance with an email marketing strategy and setup let us know by clicking the button below and we can quote based on your requirements.

Google Adwords

Google Adswords is a marketing strategy offered by Google for users intending to display  business ads on the google search engine platform featuring these ads to their network of users.

Done correctly this can be a major advantage if not a turning point for business in gaining exposure, generating leads & profits.

There is no doubt that online users are likely to 1st search on google for products & services before resorting to any other method.

SEO Marketing Plans

SEO simply put is the way Google and other search engines deliver search results by online users. This is based on a few factors such as content displayed on your website with the clever use of keywords.  Off page meta tags and coding, business listing on various online directories with consistency. Social Media also has an affect on SEO. 

Google rewards business (websites) with a higher ranking over a period of time. Keeping your content fresh and current will yield positive results for your business.

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